5 thoughts on “Board-Candidate-Questionnaire-2017

  1. Angela Davey Reply

    When I click on the above link for Board-Candidate- Questionnaire=2017 it opens up as a blank fillable page.
    I was going to look at it to see if it gave info. such as to how often are meetings, what day & time. How many hours per wk. or month is needed to devote to this seat & how long are the terms?

  2. Naren Hulsing Reply

    Hello all I would like to apply for a role on the Slatterly Park board. I’ve volunteered with the community garden, Art on the Ave and Music and Movies in the Park previously and I’d like to see if I could play a role helping with the board as well. I’m very interested in issues regarding Park maintenance, green space and natural areas as well as public safety. I believe that Slatterly Park is a fantastically walkable/bikeable neighborhood that could be enhanced by more multi modal transit options. I’d like to learn how the board interacts with civic authorities regarding street/infrastructure maintenance and improvements. Over the years I’ve lived here (since 2009) I’ve seen greator participation in our neighborhood events and many civic projects that that have enhanced the neighborhood, such as the 6th St bridge. I want to see these successes continue. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Regards, Naren.

  3. Patrick Kammerer Reply

    I have submitted an application for board membership, albeit a few hours late. I was forced to hook up a very old computer to open the document. I’m not sure if the original is corrupt or something, since after saving the filled out form in the same format (docx) I could then open it fine on my main computer. I will understand if my application is not considered, but I am eager to get more involved in our neighborhood!

    • Slatterly Park Post authorReply

      Sorry Patrick. A couple of other people told me they had issues too. Not sure what happened. But I’m glad you were able to submit.

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