Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws    

Article I. Name, Boundaries, & Purpose 

A. Name. The name of this organization shall be the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association. (SPNA). 

B. Boundaries. The boundaries of the SPNA shall be, 

  • North: 4 Street SE  
  • East side: 15th Avenue SE  
  • South: 12th St SE between Marion Rd & 3rd Ave SE, and 9th Street SE between Broadway and Third Ave SE
  • West: Third Ave from 12th Street to 9th Street SE, and Broadway between 9th Street SE &  4th Street SE 

C. Purpose (Mission). The purpose of SPNA shall be to enhance the neighborhood and bring neighbors together. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Preservation and enhancement of the residential and historic character of the neighborhood. 
  • Promotion of safety, health and environment in the neighborhood. 
  • Promotion of neighborhood Crime-Watch programs. 
  • Organization of social events. 
  • Promotion of neighborhood cohesiveness and pride. 

 Article II. Membership & Protocols 

A. Eligibility. The membership of SPNA shall include anyone who lives or works (including schools, businesses, and churches) within the boundaries established in Article I. 

B. Voting. Each person over 16 years of age who owns or rents a property within SPNA boundaries including the property owner of businesses, or business owners leasing a property will have one vote in SPNA decisions.  No Absentee ballots or voting by proxy. An individual who owns multiple properties can only vote once. 

C. Quorum. A quorum for any meeting of the SPNA shall be the number of members in attendance with a minimum of seven (7) attendees. Decisions will be made by a majority vote of those members present at the meeting.  

D. Dues. There are no membership dues. 

E. Fiscal year. The fiscal year will be from January 1 to December 31. 

F. Meeting time. Meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Quarterly in January, April, July & October.  If the meeting date falls on a Federal holiday, the meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

G. Annual meeting. An annual meeting will be held in October each year coinciding with the quarterly meeting.  

Article III. Board of Directors 

A. Directors, Election, & Term of Office. There will be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) Directors who will serve as the leadership team for SPNA. There will be an election for three (3) Director positions in even numbered years and four (4) director positions in odd numbered years. Each shall be elected for a term of two years by a majority vote of the general membership at the annual meeting.  In cases where a board election does not receive a majority of the vote, a run-off election of the top two candidates per each unfilled board seat shall occur until a majority is achieved.  The elected Directors shall take office at the following board meeting. Each member may serve up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms in one position.  Candidates for board positions must complete the SPNA Board Interest Questionnaire prior to the election, which will shared with members in attendance at the Annual Meeting. 

B. Meetings. The Board of Directors will meet quarterly two weeks prior to the general membership meetings, or as necessary to take care of business. 

C. Attendance. Directors may be asked to resign after three (3) unexcused absences.  

D. Resignation or Removal. Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Board, President, or Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect on the date of receipt of such notice or any later time specified therein. 

E. Vacancies. A vacancy in any office may be filled by appointment of the Board. SPNA membership will vote on the replacement Director at the next meeting. The new Director will complete the term.  

F. Besides the officer positions below, the following positions shall be represented on the board: 

  • Events & Activities chair.  
  • Marketing & Communications chair
  • Public Safety chair
  • Neighborhood Development chair.
  • Members at Large: A neighborhood resident or neighborhood business owner who has a direct interest in the neighborhood association. 

 Article IV. Officers 

A. Positions. Four Officers shall be elected, by the Board of Directors, at the November Board meeting. The positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Election and terms are described in Article III. 

President. The President shall preside at all board meetings and all membership meetings and shall perform such duties as the Board and membership from time to time authorizes. The President shall represent the position of the Board and the interests of the neighborhood association.   

Vice President. The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in the case of the President’s absence or inability to serve, and shall perform such other duties as requested by the President of the Board. 

Secretary. The Secretary shall take and maintain minutes of regular membership and Board meetings, act as Secretary of the Board of Directors, and assist the President with correspondence.  

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds belonging to the neighborhood association. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the Association, keep accurate record thereof, deposit same in the bank in the name of SPNA, pay all funded bills incurred by the Association, present a report at each Board meeting, at the annual business meeting, and at any time upon request. 

 Article V. Amendment of Bylaws 

A. Amendments. Amendments to the bylaws must be submitted in writing to the President at least 30 days in advance of the next Quarterly meeting. Proposed amendments will be considered at the next Board meeting and voted on at the following SPNA Quarterly meeting. Amendments shall be approved by a 2/3 majority of voting SPNA members in attendance.  Adopted changes to the bylaws will take effect at the following Board meeting. 

 Article VI. General 

 A. Parliamentary rules. Parliamentary authority will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised. 

B. Invalid bylaws. If any part of the Bylaws or the application thereof is hereafter held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall not be affected thereby, and only the affected portions are declared eliminated. 

C. Financial liability. No officer, representative, spokesperson or member shall have any financial liability of the association.