Mini Free Library Program

The Rochester Public Library is coordinating a grant with the United Way to start a program of getting (20) Mini Free Libraries placed in the Slatterly Park Neighborhood in the next year, and is
looking for participating homeowners who have children 0-5, or daycare providers with children of this age.  If you are interested in the program and don’t’ have young children contact me directly to discuss.  Information about the program attached along with an application form that can be directly returned to the Library.  The program is a great way to get children reading at a younger age, and create a community of book sharing.    This program is open to any neighbor living the Slatterly Park Neighborhood.  The great part about this program is that it is entirely free to the homeowner, the libraries are built and installed by the Rochester Public Library, and has an opportunity for your family to artistically decorate it however you would like.  If you have any further questions please contact
Vicki Ernster

Mini Free Library Info: Mini Free Library Info

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