I.S. Vision Plan – City Council Meeting Feb. 20

The Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan will be brought before the City Council on February 20 at 7:00pm at City Hall for a vote to adopt the Vision Plan, and to include it into the Olmsted County Planning & Zoning books  for future use as a guide for future neighborhood development, and for any proposed public infrastructure projects within the neighborhood.  It is important to note that again it is a guide for the future, not a mandate, each and every future project still must go through all of the channels of city government for approval before being built or implemented.

The Vision Plan was last brought before the council in early July of 2012, and was deferred until more informational sessions could be held about the process at the request of citizens. Those well attended public input sessions took place this past fall, which resulted in changes to the Vision Plan. On November 28 a Slatterly Park neighborhood association vote was held in which 92% of the votes cast were in favor of moving the Vision Plan forward.

We are encouraging and welcoming neighbors to come to the City Council meeting in support of this Vision Plan that has been three years in the making, and has entailed several large public input sessions, and numerous hours of volunteer time from the Imagine Slatterly Leadership Committee who are your neighbors and business owners.

As always the Vision Plan can be viewed on the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association website: http://slatterlypark.org/imagine-slatterly-vision-plan

(The Vision Plan was passed by 100% vote from the City Council to adopt the Slatterly Park Vision Plan, with the removal of text referring to geographic locations within the Sunnyside NA west of Third Ave SE, north of Hwy 14, east of Broadway, and south of 9th Street SE)



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