Winter Alternate Side Parking Update

Slatterly Park has been working with the City of Rochester Public Works Department on the alternate side parking and snow removal plan for our neighborhood over the past month and half.  In a recent meeting with Public Works, and our city council member Mark Bilderback our neighborhood board has agreed to suspend the alternate side parking rule for this year, in lieu of Public Works stepping up the enforcement of the already existing 12 hour parking rule, especially during snow events.  Check out this note from the Public Works Dept. (click twice on PDF link to open) Alternate Side Parking Update

Public Works has offered us the opportunity to review our current street grid and decide what we would like to see in the future from everything from stop sign locations, bus routes, safe walk to school routes, complete streets, and parking restrictions, since all signage must be changed by 2018 by federal standards.  The Imagine Slatterly process and its three whole neighborhood meetings, has gathered a large amount of this data already and is in our vision plan already.  That plan will be reviewed by the Slatterly Board and Imagine Leadership and be given to the Public Works Dept. for review. A general neighborhood meeting will be hosted late winter/spring to unveil any new changes to the vision plan in regard to public streets within the neighborhood for comment.

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