Winter Alternate Side Parking

The Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association board after much consideration, and with the best interest of the neighborhood has endorsed a plan with the City of Rochester Public Works Dept. to try winter alternate side parking in our neighborhood for snow removal.  A similar agreement has been made with two other downtown neighborhoods Eastside & Kutzky Park neighborhoods. We have agreed to the one year trial period to see if this helps alleviate the congested streets, and the difficulties for the plows in the winter. 

Rochester is about the only city in the upper Midwest that does not have an alternate side parking or snow emergency management plan in place, which is pretty amazing.  The current plan calls for alternate side parking from 7:00am -7:00pm to allow for snow removal.  On odd days street parker’s must park on the odd numbered side and even days on the even side December 1 through April 1, a pretty simple concept.  The entire Slatterly Park neighborhood will be affected by the alternate side parking which is bound by  4th Street on the North, 15th Ave on the East, Hwy 14 on the South and Broadway on the West. The city plans to communicate with all neighborhoods through the following:

  1. We will be sending out a postcard mailer to residences in the zones.
  2. Website link will be developed to communicate alternate side parking on city website
  3. Slatterly Park website will have information and a link to the city website

* On streets where no parking signs are already posted the signs overide the alternate  side parking, thus parking is allowed on the unmarked side 24 hours a day.

As a part of the education/public information process, the city will be giving out “warning” tickets from Dec 6th to Jan 2nd to cars that would be parked illegally.  There will be no fine just information on the ticket.  Please let me know if you have any questions

Map of affected zone:




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