Quarterly Meeting Minutes 4-23-19

Slatterly Park Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, 7pm Hawthorne Room 315

  • Welcome and Introduction of new interim Board Member Krista Weigel – Caitlin Doran.

She will fill out the remainder of Rochelle Arvizo’s term until October 2019.

  • City Council and R2X update – Melissa Stewart-Ring.

Mostly Quiet in City Council right now. R2X/TOD text amendment passed the Council on March 4th. Next step is postcards informing the property owners of the addition of their parcels to the new zoning.

SPNA Board is looking at submitting comments to adjust the map. Neighborhood poll went out on email list. 65 respondents, multiple answers were allowed.

37% voted to rezone none of the neighborhood.

43% only blocks along 3rd Ave

16% only blocks along 6th St

5% only blocks north of 8th St

14% the map as drawn by City Government

  • RNeighbors Project grant- Naren Hulsing

This is the 10th anniversary of Art on the Avenue and in cooperation we have applied and been awarded a grant of $1000 to help install a permanent public art sculpture in Slatterly Park. The Sculpture will be near the intersection of the bike trails north of the Picnic Structure. Along with the grant, there is $5000 coming from other sources. An Artist will be picked by May 31st for an installation date near Music and Movie August 24th. Ideas for artists can be sent to Naren c/o slatterlypark@gmail.com

  • Alternate Side Parking Proposal – Naren Hulsing

This is the second meeting discussing the alternate side parking proposal. A vote will be held at the July 23rd meeting before presenting the plan to the City. No changes have been made to the plan since last meeting. Alternate side parking would follow the existing model in Eastside Pioneers Neighborhood. The plan would be between 8a-5p December 1st to March 1st. On Even Calendar days parking would only be allowed on Even numbered sides of the Street and Odd days on Odd sides. Plan would cover all streets in Slatterly Park without existing special parking restrictions.


This is in contrast to the Snow Emergency announced this winter, which had Even parking restricted on Even days.

We will move forward with this plan even with discussion of a citywide winter parking ordinance.

Some residents wish for different dates on the ordinance to assist in street sweeping or late snow.

In Eastside the first winter was warnings and no tickets. Following years were a complaint driven ticketing system like our existing 12 hour parking ordinances.

  • Community Gardens – Melissa Stewart-Ring

The Community Gardens in Slatterly Park have many plots available. The lack of water may be keeping people away but other gardens in town appear not to have water either. Melissa is still looking for water options and the garden will hopefully be tilled by mid-May. A reminder email will go out soon.

  • Events – Maddy Bach

Litter Bit Better April 27th 1-3pm meet at South Bridge in Slatterly Park. We will clean up the eastern river bank.

Art on the Avenue May 18th 6th Ave SE North of Redeemer Church- SPNA has a booth with colorful butterfly crafts.

Med City Marathon water stop May 26th.

Sixth Street Bridge Planting June 2nd 10am

Street Mural Painting June 15th 9-12pm

Potluck in the Park July 23rd 6pm

National Night Out August 6th

Music and Movie August 24th. Movie is Coco

  • Other Business

Redeemer Church is having their Summer Service Project on June 10th.

The Apple orchard may have been trimmed this winter.

Butterfly garden at Slatterly Park needs cleaned up.


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