SPNA Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting 10/24/17

1) Around the room introductions

2) Thank you to the community business partners who have supported us this year.

3) Summary of community events since our last meeting in July:

– National Night Out: Two parties hosted in our neighborhood. We hope to have more next year.

– Music and Movie: Well attended and well sponsored.

4) Upcoming events:

– Pumpkin Carving: To be cancelled due to cold weather.

– Redeemer Lutheran Church will be having a “Trunk or Treat” event for Halloween.

– We will be coming up with some winter events between now and January. Perhaps something in collaboration with the Rochester Art Center.

5) Dirk Bierbaum from RPU attended to speak about the Community Solar program – SolarChoice.

More information available on the RPU website.

6) Treasurer’s report: We made money on Music and a Movie. Our current balance is $4,000+

7) Board election: We had five applicants and five open positions. All five were elected as a slate. They are: Patrick Kammerer, Madeline Bach, Rochelle Arvizo, Cathy Clermont, Naren Hulsing

Board members continuing: Caitlin Doran, Jackie Rognholt

Board members retiring: Randy Schubring, Ahmed Makkawy, Vanessa Carroll, Chris Voigt

8) Goals for next year – brainstorming:

– Landlord/renter issues

– Air BnBs – licensing requirements

– Butterfly garden maintenance

– Park safety – people drinking and smoking in the park shelter

– Neighborhood safety: Get a speaker from the police department and come up with some concrete things we can do to make our neighborhood safer.

– Litter Bit Better: Expand to twice a year

– Neighborhood project grants for next year. Looking for ideas.

– We need someone to serve as a liaison with the City Council and our representative. Make sure the neighborhood gets sufficient notice of development, construction, etc…

– Invite a speaker to talk about waste management in Olmsted County and what happens with our trash.

– Coordinate more frequent small events in the park during the summer. Maybe involving live music.

– Clock maintenance: Need to educate home owners about how to make sure their clocks are keeping correct time, getting rust treatments, etc…

– Make sure Bylaws are posted prominently on website.

Next quarterly meeting: January 23rd, 2018

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