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The “Art on the Ave” Committee is seeking potential hosts for the 2016 Art on the Ave event, which will be held Saturday May 21, with a rain date of June 4.   The event host not only gets an awesome sculpture installed in their boulevard as a part of a collection of Art on the Ave sculptures throughout the Slatterly Park Neighborhood.  As a host you get to define the theme for the sculpture, and that theme is then sent out as an RFP(request for proposal) to artist(s) who have a chance to make a bid on the design for the sculpture that will permanently get installed as a legacy art project known as Art on the Ave.  Below is a detailed list of host responsibilities and required written documentation.

 Art on the Ave Mission Statement:

Art on the Ave is a neighborhood initiative to promote the arts, to revitalize Slatterly Park with progressive beautification projects, and to foster conscientious community in SE downtown Rochester. Annually in May, Art on the Ave hosts a festival showcasing local artisans and art-based organizations, food, musicians, and fine arts performers. Our event welcomes all-comers and is committed to maintaining an environment without religious or political polarity. Through our efforts, we seek to champion creativity as a vehicle for peace, humanism, and prosperity.

 Please review the following send the required information listed below via EMAIL slatterlypark@gmail.com by September 18th to be considered as a 2016 Host.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

 Host Responsibilities

  1.  Be a homeowner in the Slatterly Park Neighborhood 
  2. Hold monthly meetings at your house starting in October leading up to event (you can help dictate night of week/time) and be able to accommodate an increase in meeting frequency during April/May as the event approaches.
  3. Be an active committee member in the planning & execution of the event, with the guidance of other experienced committee members, you must also able to dedicate 1-3 evenings the week before the event to set up/organize and actively participate the day of the event in cooperation with the AoA committee.
  4. Be willing to communicate with your neighbors on the block about the upcoming event, and act as a liaison. 
  5. Have available for committee members wine glasses, napkins, and provide something  delectable or homemade to share. The committee is a fun group and everyone brings an appetizer, or a  bottle of wine/beer to share, which makes us a fun foodie and craft beer/wine group.
  6. Be able to apply for a boulevard garden permit (free) from the City in advance of the event.
  7. Be able to prepare the boulevard area/permanent sculpture location in advance of the event, and coordinate utility clearances, before the garden area surrounding the sculpture is prepared, which is generally done the week of the event.

Required information to be submitted

  1. List your address, must be a Slatterly Park Resident (boundaries as defined)
  2. List past neighborhood involvement or volunteer work you have done in the Slatterly Park Neighborhood or in a past neighborhood you have lived in.
  3. A statement of why you would like to host Art on the Ave and your willingness to commit or level of commitment available during the year and the week leading up to the event.
  4. A proposed theme for the sculpture, if you get selected as the host (the theme guides the artist in the design of the sculpture)

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