Neighborhood Cleanup -Litter Bit Better


Improve the neighborhood you live in and participate in Rochester’s “A Litter Bit Better” city wide litter pick up starting Saturday, April 20th through Saturday the 27th by getting involved with your neighborhood cleanup!

Here are two great ways to get involved:

Option 1:

Trash bags will be available at the Slatterly Park Community Garden Tool Bench, where you’ll find large green bags for garbage and blue bags for recyclables.  The bags will be available for pickup Saturday April 20-27, so you are free to choose when you want to participate during the week-it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the community!  You may choose any area wherever you see trash to pick up within the neighborhood.  The park and the river parkway has already been adopted by the Boy Scouts so it would be nice if people would walk along curbs, and other areas of the neighborhood, but the park is fair game too!  Leave the full bags at the Community Garden Bench, and the Litter Bit Better program coordinators will pick up the bags the following week.

Option 2:

Thursday April 25 @ 6:30pm there will be an organized group cleanup starting from the Community Garden Bench, where you will connect with others and fan out into the neighborhood. 

Thank you for making Slatterly Park a great neighborhood to live in and a Litter Bit Better!

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