Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan Vote

The results are in:  

92% of the voters voted YES when asked  “Do you support the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan?”  This signals that the neighborhood is comfortable with moving the Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan forward to the City Council, hopefully in early 2013 to move the vision plan towards adoption.

Vision Plan:


Imagine Slatterly Vote

Wednesday December 12, 2012

Hawthorne Education Center 

(Inside  Entry Hallway)

700 4th Avenue SE (Entrance on 5th Avenue side).

7:00 – 7:30pm

What is the vote about:

This vote is to get the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association’s approval to move the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan forward to the Rochester City Council and for final adoption.  The current Vision Plan can be found on the neighborhoods website at which has taken into consideration the changes from the previous well attended Imagine Slatterly Presentations held at the Hawthorne  Education Center in Sept. & October. The Vision Plan is an accumulation of 3 years hard work that has been put in by neighborhood association volunteers, including your Imagine Slatterly Leadership committee members (neighborhood residents and business owners) who have met monthly to come up with a vision for the neighborhoods future.

Ballot question:

Do you support the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan?”  Yes or No

Voting Requirements:

Our neighborhood Association bylaws require that for a ballot to be cast that an individual be 16 years or older, who owns property,  lives or works within the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association boundaries listed below.  No one is allowed to vote on behalf of another individual via a proxy vote, and all votes must be cast in person at the designated time listed above, and only one vote is allowed per person.

Slatterly Park Neighborhood Boundaries:

    1. North: 4 Street SE
    2. East: 15th Avenue SE
    3. South: 12th St SE  between Marion Rd & 3rd Ave SE, and 9th Street SE between Broadway and Third Ave SE
    4. West: Third Ave from 12th Street to 9th Street SE, and Broadway between 9th Street SE & 4th Street SE

The voting process will be run by RNeighbors our city wide Neighborhood Resource Center and one neighborhood volunteer who is not on the Imagine Slatterly Leadership committee.

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