Neighborhood President Wayne Flock wins award

This past Friday night our neighborhood president Wayne Flock accepted  Unique and Spectacular Award at OAKtoberfest  Congratulations Wayne for leading the neighborhood and getting people involved in making Slatterly Park a great neighborhood.

Below is the nomination:

Meet Wayne, pictured here with a whole bunch of neighbors at a tree planting On Friday Oct 5 at OAKtoberfest he’ll be receiving the Unique and Spectacular Award, because he’s a neighbor who has organized innovative and unique ways for their neighborhood to socialize and be neighborly with one another. “As President of the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association, Wayne Flock continues to lead the neighborhood to put on innovative and well- attended events. Each event is meant to not only bring the Slatterly neighbors together, but also bring others into their neighborhood and show off all they have to offer. Events include pumpkin carving, Music and Movies in the Park, Frosty Frolic, street mural painting, tree plantings, Art in the Ave. and others.”

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