Slatterly Wins two CUDE awards

Thanks to the representatives of the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association who were present to receive the two of the ten CUDE awards at this morning’s awards breakfast!  Thanks for everyone’s hard work!

Right to left: Lindsey Meek-CUDE President, Ardell Brede-Mayor, Tim Macken-Business Owner/Imagine Slatterly Leader, Evelyn Oftedahl-Events, Doris Amundson Bloom Day/Riverside Gardens, Carol Keegan-Art on the Ave., Wayne Flock-Slatterly President, Mark Bilderback-City Council, Renan Mota-Art on the Ave., missing from photo: Wade Tollefson-Events

Find out more about CUDE:


Landscape Award: CUDE- Riverside Gardens

Community Site Enhancement: CUDE – Art on the Ave

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