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Neighborhood Cleanup -Litter Bit Better


Improve the neighborhood you live in and participate in Rochester’s “A Litter Bit Better” city wide litter pick up starting Saturday, April 20th through Saturday the 27th by getting involved with your neighborhood cleanup!

Here are two great ways to get involved:

Option 1:

Trash bags will be available at the Slatterly Park Community Garden Tool Bench, where you’ll find large green bags for garbage and blue bags for recyclables.  The bags will be available for pickup Saturday April 20-27, so you are free to choose when you want to participate during the week-it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the community!  You may choose any area wherever you see trash to pick up within the neighborhood.  The park and the river parkway has already been adopted by the Boy Scouts so it would be nice if people would walk along curbs, and other areas of the neighborhood, but the park is fair game too!  Leave the full bags at the Community Garden Bench, and the Litter Bit Better program coordinators will pick up the bags the following week.

Option 2:

Thursday April 25 @ 6:30pm there will be an organized group cleanup starting from the Community Garden Bench, where you will connect with others and fan out into the neighborhood. 

Thank you for making Slatterly Park a great neighborhood to live in and a Litter Bit Better!

Slatterly Park Early Literacy Conversations

Slatterly Park ECE Conversations to be held in the Slatterly Park neighborhood regarding Early Literacy and Kindergarten preparedness.

Slatterly Park Early Literacy Conversations Flyer 2013 Final

Do you have young children, or know of a family next door with young children that might benefit from this program?

Please RSVP with Michelle michellej@uwolmsted.org or 507-535-5519, Michelle can also answer any questions you might have.

 Hawthorne Education Center

Thursday April 25, 2013


 Lincoln Elementary School

Tuesday May 7, 2013


Slatterly Park DMC Presentation/Discussion

Neighborhood Spring Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday April 23, 7:00pm

Hawthorne Education Center, Room 104


  • Spring/Summer Events – Art on the Ave & Music & Movie in the Park
  • Community Garden
  • Neighborhood Cleanup April 25
  • Boulevard Tree Planting – April 27
  • Destination Medical Center Presntation by Heidi Mestad

City Housing Complaints

If you have a complaint about a property within the Slatterly Park Neighborhood

  • Unmaintained property
  • Trash -large and small
  • Appliances in front/back yard
  • broken down fences
  • Rental property issues
  • structural difficiencies to home or garage

Contact City Housing:  Susan Legare  SLegare@rochestermn.gov  or (507) 328 2600

Mini Free Library Program

The Rochester Public Library is coordinating a grant with the United Way to start a program of getting (20) Mini Free Libraries placed in the Slatterly Park Neighborhood in the next year, and is
looking for participating homeowners who have children 0-5, or daycare providers with children of this age.  If you are interested in the program and don’t’ have young children contact me directly to discuss.  Information about the program attached along with an application form that can be directly returned to the Library.  The program is a great way to get children reading at a younger age, and create a community of book sharing.    This program is open to any neighbor living the Slatterly Park Neighborhood.  The great part about this program is that it is entirely free to the homeowner, the libraries are built and installed by the Rochester Public Library, and has an opportunity for your family to artistically decorate it however you would like.  If you have any further questions please contact
Vicki Ernster VICKI@rochester.lib.mn.us

Mini Free Library Info: Mini Free Library Info

Winter Quarterly NA Meeting Feb. 26

The Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association’s Winter Quarterly Meeting that was cancelled in January is rescheduled for this Tuesday February 26 @ 7:00pm at Hawthorne Education Center, Room 114.

We’ll have a guest speaker from the Rochester Public Library, about a possible grant affecting our neighborhood.

As mentioned at the last quarterly meeting we’ll be accepting nominations for board positions, and would like those that are interested to come forward to introduce themselves at the Feb. 26 meeting.  A formal vote for all of the positions will be held at the Spring Quarterly meeting on April 23.

I.S. Vision Plan – City Council Meeting Feb. 20

The Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan will be brought before the City Council on February 20 at 7:00pm at City Hall for a vote to adopt the Vision Plan, and to include it into the Olmsted County Planning & Zoning books  for future use as a guide for future neighborhood development, and for any proposed public infrastructure projects within the neighborhood.  It is important to note that again it is a guide for the future, not a mandate, each and every future project still must go through all of the channels of city government for approval before being built or implemented.

The Vision Plan was last brought before the council in early July of 2012, and was deferred until more informational sessions could be held about the process at the request of citizens. Those well attended public input sessions took place this past fall, which resulted in changes to the Vision Plan. On November 28 a Slatterly Park neighborhood association vote was held in which 92% of the votes cast were in favor of moving the Vision Plan forward.

We are encouraging and welcoming neighbors to come to the City Council meeting in support of this Vision Plan that has been three years in the making, and has entailed several large public input sessions, and numerous hours of volunteer time from the Imagine Slatterly Leadership Committee who are your neighbors and business owners.

As always the Vision Plan can be viewed on the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association website: http://slatterlypark.org/imagine-slatterly-vision-plan

(The Vision Plan was passed by 100% vote from the City Council to adopt the Slatterly Park Vision Plan, with the removal of text referring to geographic locations within the Sunnyside NA west of Third Ave SE, north of Hwy 14, east of Broadway, and south of 9th Street SE)



Art on the Ave Vendor Applications

Applications for Art on the Ave vendors are now available:



Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan Vote

The results are in:  

92% of the voters voted YES when asked  “Do you support the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan?”  This signals that the neighborhood is comfortable with moving the Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan forward to the City Council, hopefully in early 2013 to move the vision plan towards adoption.

Vision Plan:   http://slatterlypark.org/imagine-slatterly-vision-plan


Imagine Slatterly Vote

Wednesday December 12, 2012

Hawthorne Education Center 

(Inside  Entry Hallway)

700 4th Avenue SE (Entrance on 5th Avenue side).

7:00 – 7:30pm

What is the vote about:

This vote is to get the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association’s approval to move the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan forward to the Rochester City Council and for final adoption.  The current Vision Plan can be found on the neighborhoods website at http://slatterlypark.org/imagine-slatterly-vision-plan which has taken into consideration the changes from the previous well attended Imagine Slatterly Presentations held at the Hawthorne  Education Center in Sept. & October. The Vision Plan is an accumulation of 3 years hard work that has been put in by neighborhood association volunteers, including your Imagine Slatterly Leadership committee members (neighborhood residents and business owners) who have met monthly to come up with a vision for the neighborhoods future.

Ballot question:

Do you support the current Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan?”  Yes or No

Voting Requirements:

Our neighborhood Association bylaws require that for a ballot to be cast that an individual be 16 years or older, who owns property,  lives or works within the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Association boundaries listed below.  No one is allowed to vote on behalf of another individual via a proxy vote, and all votes must be cast in person at the designated time listed above, and only one vote is allowed per person.

Slatterly Park Neighborhood Boundaries:

    1. North: 4 Street SE
    2. East: 15th Avenue SE
    3. South: 12th St SE  between Marion Rd & 3rd Ave SE, and 9th Street SE between Broadway and Third Ave SE
    4. West: Third Ave from 12th Street to 9th Street SE, and Broadway between 9th Street SE & 4th Street SE

The voting process will be run by RNeighbors our city wide Neighborhood Resource Center www.rneighbors.org and one neighborhood volunteer who is not on the Imagine Slatterly Leadership committee.

Imagine Slatterly Presentation Nov. 10, 2012

Saturday November 10, 2012

Time: 9:00am – 10:00am

Redeemer Lutheran Church (Note change in location)

869 7th Ave SE (Entrance on 6th Avenue parking lot side).

Enter Church vestibule and take a left down the stairs to the meeting room.

This will be the same presentation that was given on October 9 &  at the neighborhood association meeting that was held on October 23, you only need to attend if you have further questions about the Imagine Slatterly Vision Plan, or didn’t make it to either of those meetings, and wish to learn more.

* A neighborhood vote on whether the vision plan is agreeable to the majority of the neighborhood and that it is ready to move forward to City Council will be held a couple weeks later TBD