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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Joe Nurmi Reply

    My wife and I are new to the neighborhood (7th Ave SE) and would like to attend the next meeting but do not know when and where it would be.

    Thank you,

    -Joe Nurmi

  2. Matt oles Reply

    Hello there!

    I no longer live in the slatterly park area and was hoping to be removed from the mailing correspondence list.

    Thank you!

  3. Rosa Reply

    Hi there.
    I am writing to you about the closure on my street for some “art on the ave”.I live on 7th ave. se. I have lived here for almost 20 years and same with my neighbors if not longer. How come me and my neighbors were never asked about this. I am close to a lot of my neighbors and we ARE NOT Happy about this. I thought you need everyone’s permission to close down a whole block. My wife and I will not park on the street or on any side street. We always park in our driveway. We both have jobs that we have to come and go. Especially her. My neighbor June to the north of me needs to come and go because her husband is in a home.
    I have not even met these neighbors that are putting this on.
    I will be parking in my driveway and coming and going as I need to for work. I would not be upset about this if I was talked to and not just a flyer put in my mailbox with bold letters saying STREET CLOSED.

    Sincerely Rosa

  4. Chanh T Thach Reply

    I am writing from Olmsted County Public Health. I was wondering if I could get a list of food and beverage stands for Art on the Walk on 5/14/15.

    Thank you,

    Chanh T Thach

  5. Jackie morgan-Rognholt Reply

    please add me to the association e-mail list

  6. Andy Kilen Reply

    I would like to know if you are going to have the garden plots in Slatterly Park again this year. I have had a plot there in the past and would like to have on again this year.
    Andy Kilen

  7. Susan Pries Reply

    Hi, I live NE and I joined the neighborhood association some time ago and would like to be part of Art on the Ave if possible. I re-due small furniture pieces, cork boards, garden art etc. and wondering if there is a certain kind of art you have to make to be a part of this event?

    • Slatterly Park Reply

      Hi Susan, you’ll want to get in touch with Wayne Flock. Art on the Ave is no longer managed by the Slatterly Park NA, but by a separate org.

  8. JoAnne Hall Reply

    I have just returned from the Slatterly community garden and am so very happy because a gentleman named Bruce has been cleaning up the unattended walkways and gardens. He is from Australia and visiting with his son in Byron who directed him to our gardens. So far has spent about 50 hours digging and pulling weeds. Wish there was something we could do to show our appreciation, ‘tho I thanked him much..

    What will be done in future years? Evidently the signed agreements are not working.

  9. JoAnne Hall Reply

    I just posted a message regarding the community gardens and forgot to mention that the gentleman weeding it has a large pile of weeds that need to be hauled away. Is there someone who can help with that? Thanks.

  10. Maggie Cantlon Reply


    Just curious if there are any garden plots still available in Slatterly Park, and if I can still mail a payment in to claim one?

    Thank you!

  11. Roger O'Connor Reply

    I am interested in photographing public art in Rochester. I found a map of 11 locations for public art in the Slatterly Park neighborhood. It looks like it is a little old, since I say a reference to 14 pieces of art. Are there actually pieces of art in the neighborhood?

    Roger O’Connor
    Rochester, MN

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